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General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as a GTC) Albracon Ltd. (of a service provider) and by the service providerbloomhungary.comCustomer for electronic commerce services available through a web sitehereinafter referred to as a customer) contains rights and obligations (Service and customer together as parties).

The GTC concerns all legal transactions and services that abloomhungary.comvia a website regardless of whether it is fulfilled by Hungary or abroad by the service provider or its contributor.

Provider details


Albracon Kft


2120 Dunakeszi, Cluj-Napoca u. 38

Company registration number:


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Majoros Zoltán Managing Director

His e-mail address:

  1. General Information, Contract between the Parties
    1. The scope of this GTC covers all electronic commercial services that abloomhungary.comOn an electronic store available on a web site (A webshop "taken throughout). Furthermore, the scope of this GTC covers all commercial transactions that are established between the parties defined in this Agreement. Purchase in the webshop is the CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services, information society services. Law (Inserted in hereinafter.) regulate.
    1. Purchase in the webshop is possible with an electronically submitted order as defined in this GTC.
    1. A significant part of the webshop's services is available to all users without registration. However, some services have been concluded for registration - and then entitled to access that anyone is entitled to anyone as recorded in this GTC.
    1. Between the parties, the contract for purchasing the product is considered to be a written contract, providing a service provider and holds 5, ie five years after its creation, is retrofitted.

The contract between the distance between the client can be viewed by entering your registered account under "Ordering" from which the contract can be saved or printed.

    1. The language of the contract is Hungarian.
    1. The Service Provider does not undergo any provisions of any Code of Conduct.
    1. Customer service

Customer Service Office Place:

1063 Budapest, Andrássy Ut 122. 1/4


No personal customer reception is available at customer service. Customer can only contact Customer Support by e-mail.


Mailing address:1063 Budapest, Andrássy Ut 122. 1/4



    1. Images displayed on the datasheet of products in the webshop can be illustrated, they may differ from reality! The Service Provider shall not be liable for any technical explanations, the supplier or without prior notification for reasons outside it.
    1. Service Provider reserves the right to reject the already confirmed orders in whole or in full. Subsequent performance may only take place after reconciliation with the client.

The Customer acknowledges that, as a consequence of the provider's confirmation by the service provider, a transmission contract between the provider between the service provider and the service provider is concluded between the service provider. The Customer explicitly acknowledges that his order in the webshop involves a payment obligation.

  1. Registration
    1. Registration can be placed under the "Registration" menu item on the main page by filling out the data sheet there or the payment process. Under "Registration", you need to enter a real e-mail address, name, and a selected password. After entering the data, the registration is created, which we send a confirmation message to the specified e-mail address. If the customer moves from the Basket page to shopping and payment and payment, the registration can be performed in a simplified way, only by entering a real e-mail address. For the customer, you will send a confirmation message to the specified e-mail address, which also includes a link to set a password. By registering the Customer on the webshop, it has been recognized and accepted by this GTC and the conditions for the privacy statement published on the webshop and agree to the data processing contained in the Data Protection Declaration.
    1. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any delays or other problems and misconduct caused by the customer incorrectly and / or inaccurately. The Service Provider is not liable for damages resulting from the resulting damages if the client forgets its password or accessible to any unauthorized reason for reasonable reasons. The Service Provider treats all registrations as an independent person. To change previously recorded data after login, it is possible to touch the data of active orders. The service provider does not charge any liability for any damage resulting from the change of the registered data by the client. Customer It is obliged to report to the Service Provider or to do the data modifications personally.
    1. Customer is entitled to register your registration at any time with the email message sent to the customer service. Following the arrival of the message, the Service Provider shall immediately provide for the deletion of the registration. The customer's user data will be removed immediately after deletion from the system; However, this does not affect the preservation of data and documents related to the orders already submitted, does not result in deletion of these data. After removal, data can no longer be restored.
    1. User access data (so in particular the password) is kept secret only by the customer responsible. If a customer becomes aware that an unauthorized third party has access to the password entered during the registration, it is obliged to change their password immediately if it is assumed that the third person is abused in any way by using the password, but it is obliged to notify the service provider at the same time.
    1. Customer agrees to specified during the registration process personal data updated as necessary to ensure that they are timely, complete and adequate to reality. Customer is obliged to keep the data of the person constantly updating and reported to the service provider if it is necessary to enforce the performance or other legitimate interest.
  1. Order
    1. Ordering only 18 years of age, it can not deliver a natural person with a natural person not in Hungary and a legal entity.
    1. The essential features and characteristics of the product to be purchased can be learned from the information side of that product. The Service Provider constitutes a contractual fulfillment if the product has more favorable properties than the information provided in the webshop. If you have a question about the product before buying, our customer service is available to you. The product we sell, where this legislation requires instructions for instructions for this product. If you accidentally do not receive the mandatory instructions for use with the product, immediately before using the product, please indicate it at our customer service. If you need more information about the quality, basic property, use and usability of any product on the webshop, please contact us for our customer service, whose information and availability is present in Technical 1.7. .
    1. The purchase price is always the amount indicated with the selected product, which, if not individually marked, is already included in the general sales tax. The product does not include the cost of delivery.

The provider maintains the right to change the prices of products that can be ordered from the webshop by making the amendment come into effect simultaneously with the release of the webshop. The amendment does not adversely affect the purchase price of the products already ordered. When initiating payment with an online bank card, you can not refund money for price reduction in the period between the electronic payment notewor and the purchase of the product. The online payment transaction security checks are minimally 24, ie twenty-four hours, and the product will only be taken afterwards. During the purchase, the buyer acknowledges that Albracon Kft. (2120 Dunakeszi, Cluj-Napoca 38) The following personal data stored by the data controller in the Webshop ( user database will be handed over to OTP Mobil Ltd. as a data processor. The data transmitted by the data controller is: [Name, Email Address, Credit Card Data]. The nature and purpose of the data processing activity carried out by the data processor in the SimplePay Data Management Information can be viewed at the following link: 

    1. If, despite all the caring of the service provider, an incorrect price is placed on the surface of the webshop, in particular the obviously erroneous, eg. Differently different from the well-known, generally accepted or estimated price of the product, including the striking interpretation and possibly "0" HUF or "1" for a system error, then the service provider is not required to deliver the product at a defective price, but You can offer the delivery at the right price, whereby the customer can withstand your purchase intentions. This withdrawal right without justification.
    1. After signing up for registration to the webshop, the customer gets access to the "User" panel's additional options such as the history of the order, viewing the latest order status, saving shipping addresses, sending the latest product information.
    1. Through the webshop of the order, it only accepts a registered customer and only accepts if the client fully completes all the fields required for the order. If the client fills a field incorrectly or incompletely, you will receive an error message. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any delays or other problems and misconduct caused by the customer incorrectly and / or inaccurately.

To send an order in the webshop, logging in after registration and then use the Cart. The customer can use the "Basket" button that appears in the "Cart" button that appears in the "Cart" button that appears in the "Basket" button on the page that appears after clicking on each product. To view and modify the contents of the basket, the basket icon in the upper right corner of the webshop is clicked. In the "Note" box on the datasheet, the customer has the option to provide additional specific information. If the customer has finalized the contents of the basket, click "Pay" by clicking on the invoicing and shipping information on the displayed interface. If you have given all the required data, you can click the "Enter Coupon Code" button to enter the discount coupon code. After clicking the "Send Order" button, we redirect the customer to the order confirmation page; from this page or proceed to purchase or to get the order aggregation. During the online payment, via OTP SimplePay's interface, the payment must be made immediately after the ordering the transaction data required to settle the total amount of the order. If the payment service or the legal entity participating in the transaction does not receive the payment, the order is considered to be incorrect, which will not be generated between Contract Parties and the order will not be processed. In this case, the customer must initiate another order.

To dispatch the order, the submission of the offer will be sent to "Send Order". The ordering of the order is thus by clicking the "Send Order" button, which creates a payment obligation for the customer.

    1. In any phase of the order, until the payment of the payment, the customer can withdraw your order by interrupting the ordering process and leaves the order page. The non-completed order will not be processed.
    1. After an order is delivered, the customer immediately receives order confirmation to the email address specified upon check-in. The e-mail contains the unique order number, for example, can be used when checking your order status.
    1. The Service Provider may contact a client via the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the Customer if any questions arise for the processing of the order.
    1. The products displayed on the webshop are shown in a manner containing the general sales tax and other public spaces (gross). The purchase price indicated next to the product does not include the cost of delivery. The price of the product is shown in Hungarian HUF (FT, HUF) and Euro (EUR) (the customer setting the customer can select the appropriate currency). Provider provides detailed information on the special actions and discharges of the occasionally announced special actions in the webshop.
  1. To improve data entry errors
    1. To send the customer at any stage of the order and to the order service provider, you can at any time in the webshop to improve data entry on the order interface (eg deleting a product from the basket by clicking "Uninstall").
  1. Tender consignment, confirmation
    1. The arrival of the offer (order) sent by the Customer shall be confirmed by the Service Provider without delay, by automatic confirmation e-mail no later than 48, ie in forty-eight hours, which acknowledging e-mail contains the information provided by the customer during purchase or registration (eg billing and shipping information), order ID, date of order, list, quantity, quantity, price, price, shipping costs, and total amount payable. This confirmation email only informs the client that your order has arrived to your service provider.
    1. The customer's offer (order) may be considered permanently accepted by the provider if you send a delivery notice to the client to the specified e-mail address, which is a valid contract between parties.
    1. The client is exempt from the tendering if it is without delay, but no later than 48, ie in forty-eight hours, receives a confirmation email for the sent order.

Exceptions to the exemption if the confirmation of the confirmation email was caused by the false or incorrect email address provided by the client or if the client's e-mail account can not receive the messages because his mailbox is full. In these cases, a customer is obliged to purchase the product even if the confirmation email has not been received within a time limit.

    1. If you have already sent the customer's order for the Service Provider and notice for the information contained in the confirmation email, it must be indicated by 1, ie within one day to the service provider or can do the signal when the service provider contacts the non-contact to avoid fulfilling the desired orders.
    1. The order constitutes an electronically concluded contract to which the Act V. 2013 on the Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as PTK.), the Incontv. The Treaty shall cover the provisions of Directive 45/2014 (II.26) on the detailed rules for contracts between the consumer and the undertaking and in mind the provisions of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Parliament and of the Council 2011/83 / EU.
    1. If the product you want to order is not available during the delivery of the order or the "Order" status can not be obtained within my duration on the webshop, the Service Provider reserves the right to not accept the ordering of the product, in this case, contracting does not what the client is notified of. Any payment of any previously previously performed payment to the Client will be reimbursed immediately.
  1. Delivery, payment and billing conditions
    1. The service provider delivers the customer for the ordered cost and the goods requested to the house for transport costs. The customer shall inform the customer from the shipping fee during the order process. The shipping fee is determined taking into account the products in the basket. The service provider is entitled to use different shipping charges for different product categories (but not limited to: large packages, small packages). The Service Provider shall deliver the goods requested to the ordered and home-made goods free of charge by using their own means of transport or carrier if the gross value of the order is reached in the webshop or the amount of free shipping published in the given promotion or the order is otherwise compliant with the terms of the promotion . The provider is unilaterally entitled to determine the conditions. If the customer also assigns a product that is not affected by free shipping, the Service Provider shall charge a shipping fee in the context of that order. In the case of orders charged at the shipping cost, the customer shall bear the customer in such a way that the freight rates will be shown on the order summary screen, the invoice and the confirmation e-mail. If the client indicates when the second order is published and this is still possible based on this service feedback, the Service Provider may merge orders, but there is no way to merging the packages already launched. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the shipping fee by making the amendment enters at the same time as the appearance of the webshop. The amendment does not affect the total amount of products already ordered. Delivery of large packages, regardless of the value limit, is recognized as separate tariffs, free of charge, no free delivery!

You can find out about shipping information by clicking here.

    1. Customer acknowledges that, in the absence of a different agreement of the parties, the Service Provider is obliged to provide the buyer without delay after the conclusion of the contract, but no later than 30, ie thirty days. In the event of delay in the Service Provider, the Client is entitled to set a hovering limit. If the Service Provider does not fulfill the client within the additional limit of the contract. If the contract should have been fulfilled by the parties' agreements or at the time of recognizable intended purpose of the service, and at no other times, the client shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract without fire the additional limit. Customer therefore explicitly acknowledges that, if the parties agreed at the expected deadline and do not perform the Service Provider, he is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

Delivery time may be longer than expiry, special campaigns or epidemia.

    1. Services ordered in the webshop The service provider fulfills the location of the customer sent by e-mail.
    1. Service Provider issues an electronic invoice to the customer's email address for the customer after sending the order. The adoption of this GTC is considered to be the consent of the electronic account. Following the adoption of this GTC, the customer consent to the provider's electronic invoice for it.

According to the above, the customer explicitly contributes to the delivering, ordering of the order and by accepting this GTC to maximize the electronic invoice issued by the Service Provider and to be downloaded from an electronic invoice corresponding to the existing legislation or from a letter to the account sent by the Service Provider until the date specified therein. On the personal side of the client, the electronic invoice is available at least in specific laws (VAT TV, accounting TV) for a specified period of time.

The electronic invoice issued by the Service Provider electronically issued an accounting certificate, which is fully suitable for the accounting and the VAT legislation and the tax administration identification. The invoices issued electronically must be kept electronically on the basis of existing legislation. The original electronic invoice as an accounting certificate issued electronically, credibly justifies the existence of tax-paying rights and obligations.

The electronic invoice thus issued complies with the CXXVII of 2007 on the general sales tax. in law, 23/2014 (VI.30.) NGM Regulation and other electronic account legislation.

  1. Trigger

Referred to in this point solely for a natural person acting outside his profession, occupation or business, who carries out, order, receives, uses, and uses and is the recipient of commercial communication, offer (a consumer "). Consumer is eligible for a contract for the sale of the product

  1. the product,
  2. When providing multiple products, the last provided product,
  3. For more than one item or piece of products, the last provided item or piece,
  4. If the product should be provided regularly within a specified period, the first service, the consumer or the date of receipt by a third party other than the carrier, or from fourteen days, from the contract without justification.

It also has the consumer to exercise its right of withdrawal between the date of the conclusion of the contract and the date of receipt of the product. In the case of a contract for the provision of a consumer service, you may exercise your right of withdrawal within fourteen days of the date of conclusion of the contract.

Consumer does not meet the right of withdrawal

  • with regard to the sale of a sealed package and picture recordings as well as a copy of a computer software if the consumer has broken the packaging after the transfer;
  • in the case of a non-preferred product which was produced on the basis of the consumer's instructions or explicit requests or for a product which was clearly imposed on the consumer;
  • With regard to a closed-packed product that can not be returned after the resolution of the transfer after the transfer of health or hygiene.
    1. If you want to have a clear statement with your intention to withdraw your intention (Attachment No. 1) obliged to deliver (by mail or by electronic mail) to the service provider by using the availability indicated at the beginning of this GTC. Consumer exercises its right of withdrawal in a deadline if it sends his / her withdrawal for a service provider before the expiry of the deadline specified above.
    1. Consumer is subject to proof that the right of withdrawal was exercised in accordance with the provisions set out in paragraph 7 of this GTC.
    1. In both cases, providing an e-mail immediately confirms the arrival of the consumer's withdrawal statement.
    1. In the case of writing, it is considered to be validated in the deadline if a consumer sends its declaration to the service provider within 14, ie within fourteen days (either on the 14th calendar day).
    1. In the event of a postal signal, the date of sending the e-mail will take into account the date of sending the e-mail for the time limit for the time limit. The consumer's letter is provided as a recommended shipment to be able to demonstrate the date of the dispatch date.
    1. In the event of a consumer, it is obliged to return the ordered product without undue delay to the address of the receiving point indicated below, but will be returned within 14, ie fourteen days after the date of the not later than the date of notification.

Reception point:2120 Dunakeszi, Cluj-Napoca u. 38

The service provider shall also be unilaterally to determine other receipt points outside this receiving point. The service provider is unilaterally eligible to determine which receiving points can be deducted at the receiving point of that product ranges (including, but not limited to: large packages, small packages) and not where they do not. However, this provision does not affect the right of withdrawal under the law of law, ie the service provider is constantly obliged to maintain at least one receiving point where the products released by the customer initiated by the customer can be returned and returned.

    1. The deadline is considered to be complied with when the consumer sends the product before the expiry of 14, ie fourteen-day deadlines (passing it to the post or the courier ordered by it).
    1. The cost of returning the product to the provider's address is borne by a consumer unless the service provider has undertaken to bear these costs. At the request of the consumer, the service provider provides for the organization of the return, but the cost of returning by the Service Provider is charged by the consumer, and in this case, the Service Provider does not undertake the cost of the returned return from the consumer, only assisting that the consumer does not have to deal with the organization of the return. Customer service providing customer service for a consumer's request.
    1. The service provider has not been able to take over the packet returned with the salary. In addition to the cost of returning the product, the consumer shall not be borne by any other costs.
    1. If a consumer comes with the contract, without delay, but no later than 14, in fourteen days, the Service Provider returns all remuneration made by the consumer, including the cost of transport (paid for delivery), except for the additional costs that have arisen The consumer has chosen a carriage of freight from the cheapest habit of carriage offered by the service provider. The Service Provider is entitled to withhold the refund until he returned the product or consumer did not justify loans to return it: the provider of the two takes into account the earlier date.
    1. When refunded, the service provider applies to the payment method used during the original transaction, unless it expressly contributes to the consumer's use of another payment method; As a result of this method of refunding, no additional costs are charged.
    1. Consumer can only be held liable for depreciation in the product if it occurred due to the use of the nature and properties of the product.
    1. The Service Provider may require reimbursement of depreciation and reasonable costs of use over use in excess of use needed to determine the nature, properties and operation of the product.
    1. A sealed packaging product (eg swimsuits, underwear, jewelry, etc.) may not be returned after the resolution after the transfer.
    1. The Service Provider shall undergo a quality control procedure after receipt of the product thus returned to determine whether the returned product is defective or not. The customer will only be eligible for a refund if the product was not used, did not worn or washed it out. The returned product must contain original labels and packaging. The customer is responsible for obsolescence resulting from the use of the product. Used or damaged product provider can not be accepted and the refund claim must be instructed.
  1. Warranty
    1. The provider is the PTK for its products. and 151/2003. (IX. 22.) Government Decree on the basis of the warranty obligation. Which means that the duration of the warranty can only discharge itself of its liability if it can prove that the defect is due to improper use of the product.
    2. The duration of the warranty (the warranty period) begins with the actual performance, that is, by transferring the product to the customer.

There is no warranty under the error if the reason for the transfer of the product to the client, such as if the error is:

  • an improper use, ignoring the usage manual,
  • Incorrect storage, incorrect handling, damaging,
  • Elemental damage caused by natural disaster.

In the event of a warranty default, the client is:

  • First of all, it may require correction or replacement, unless the fulfillment of the optional warranty claim is impossible or if the service provider results in disproportionate additional costs, taking into account the value of the product in the flawless state, the weight of the breach of contract and the warranty by fulfilling a claim caused to the customer.
  • If the Service Provider has not assumed the correction or replacement within the time limit for this obligation, it is unable to meet the consumer's interests or if the customer has ceased to be corrected or exchanged in the interest of the customer, according to the customer's choice, may require a proportional delivery of the purchase price , you can correct the mistake or anything else-fix or rescind the contract, the Service Provider's expense. Due to insignificant error, there is no room for you.

If the customer enforces the replacement requirement within three working days of purchasing (commissioning), the service provider is required to replace the product, provided that the malfunction prevents intended use.

The correction or replacement shall be carried out within the appropriate deadline, taking into account the product's properties and the customer's intended purpose. The Service Provider should seek to make the correcting or replacement up to 15, or 15 days.

It does not count as part of the correction time in the warranty period during which the customer can not use the product properly. The warranty period begins again in the case of replacement (corrected) product (product portion) and error as a result of the correction of the product or part of the product.

    1. The costs related to the fulfillment of the warranty obligation are borne by the service provider.
    1. The service provider's warranty obligation is only exempted if it proves that the cause of the error occurred after delivery.
    1. However, the customer does not comply with the right to validate the need for warranty and warranty claims and product warranty and warranty claims in parallel with each other due to the same error. Regardless of these restrictions, the customer's rights arising from the warranty is the present GTC 9.1. and 9.2. regardless of the permissions specified in its points.
    1. The warranty does not affect the enforcement of the rights of the customer's law, in particular as appropriate and product warranty and compensation.
  1. Warranty
    1. Pregnancy
      1. The client may require access to the service provider if the service provider is defective. In the case of a consumer contract, the Customer may enforce the warranty claims of 2, ie two years of limitation period from the date of receipt, for the product bugs that have already existed at the time of delivery of the product. In addition to the two-year limitation period, its warranty rights will no longer be enforced by the customer.
      1. In the case of a non-consumer contract, the holder may enforce the warranty claims of 1, ie an annual limitation period from the date of receipt.
      1. According to the customer's choice, you may request corrections or replacement, unless it is impossible to fulfill the demand selected by the client or would have disproportionate additional costs compared to the performance of the service provider. If the correction or replacement of the client has not requested or requested it, you can claim proportional delivery of the remuneration or the error at the cost of the service provider to correct it or correct or - ultimately - ultimately cancel the contract. Due to insignificant error, there is no room for you.
      1. The client may switch to another's right of charge to another, but must wear the cost of the transition unless it was justified or provided by the service provider.
      1. The customer is obliged to disclose the error immediately after discovering it, but not later than 2, ie two months from the date of discovery of the problem.
      1. The client can enforce its accessibility requirement directly against the service provider.
      1. Without the completion of the contract, ie within six months, in addition to the failure to enforce the ventilation requirement, there is no other condition if the customer certifies that the product has been purchased from the service provider (by presenting a bill or a copy of the bill). In such a case, the Service Provider shall be exempted from the warranty only if this presumption is overthrown, that is, it proves that the fault of the product was generated after the transfer to the client. If the Service Provider can demonstrate that the cause of the error arising from the Customer's reasonable reason, it is not obliged to provide the customer's warranty claim. However, after the performance of 6, ie six months, the client is obliged to demonstrate that the error he has known has already been at the time of delivery.
      1. If the customer validates the warranty claim from the product, for the separate part of the product, the warranty claim is not valid for other parts of the product.
    1. Product Claim
      1. In the case of a fault of the product (movable thing), according to the customer classified as a customer - the present GTC 9.1. or product warranty claims.
      1. However, the customer does not apply to the right to validate its accessibility and product warranty claim in parallel with each other due to the same error. However, in the event of an effective enforcement of the product's warranty claim, the customer may enforce the supplies for the replacement product or corrected part of the manufacturer.
      1. As a product's warranty request, the client may only request the correction or replacement of the defective product. The product error must be demonstrated by the customer if the product's warranty claim is enforced.
      1. A product is considered to be faulty if it does not comply with the quality requirements in force when placing on the market or if it does not have the properties of the manufacturer.
      1. The customer's claim may be enforced by 2, ie within two years from the market of the product by the manufacturer of the product. After this deadline, this entitlement is lost. The client is obliged to communicate the bug without delay after discovery of the error. The error reported within two months of discovery of the error was deemed to be disclosed without delay. The consumer is responsible for the damage resulting from the delay in communicating.
      1. The customer's product warranty claim can be exercised against the manufacturer or distributor of the movable thing.
      1. The PTK. According to a manufacturer, the producer and distributor of the product is considered to be a manufacturer.
      1. The manufacturer and distributor shall only be exempted from its product warranty obligation to prove that:
  • the product was manufactured or placed on the market, or
  • The mistake was not recognized at the time of marketing at the time of marketing and technique
  • The fault of the product derives from the application of legislation or mandatory official requirements.
      1. The manufacturer and distributor has to demonstrate a reason for exemption.
  1. Responsibility
    1. The information on the webshop was placed in good faith, but they serve exclusively for information purposes, providing responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information.
    1. The Customer may only use the webshop to its own risk and accept that the service provider is not responsible for the financial and non-material damages incurred in use with deliberately, serious negligence or criminal offenses, in addition to liability for life, physical integrity, health, health .
    1. The Service Provider excludes any responsibility for the behavior of the webshop users. The client fully and exclusively responsible for its own conduct and the service provider fully cooperate with the acting authorities to detect infringements.
    1. The services of the service may contain interfaces (links) that lead to other service providers. It is not liable for the privacy practices and other activities of these providers.
    1. The content that has been available by the customer when using the webshop is entitled to the Service Provider, but it is not obliged to check and the Service Provider is entitled to search for signs of unlawful activity.
    1. Due to the global nature of the Internet, the Customer agrees to act in the light of the use of the relevant national legislation when using the Webshop. If any activity relating to the use of the webshop is not permitted under the law of the Customer State, the customer is responsible for use only for use.
    1. If the customer detects an objectionable content on the webshop, it is obliged to indicate it immediately. If you find the sign as well as the signature in the bona fide process of your service provider, you are entitled to immediately delete or modify the information.
  1. Copyrights
    1. The webshop is under copyright protection. Service Provider The copyright holder or the authorized user of all the content displayed in the webshop and the provision of services available through the webshop: any copyright and other intellectual property (including all the articles and other materials, the arrangement and editorial of the surface of the webshop, Used software and other solutions, ideas, implementation).
    1. Saving or printing some of the content of the webshop and some parts of the parts for physical or other media for private use or in the case of a prior written consent of the Service Provider. Intermediate use over private use such as storage, transmission, publishing or downloading of a database, commercial placing on the market - solely with the prior written permission of the service provider.
    1. In addition to the rights expressly defined in this GTC, the use of registration, the use of the webshop and the only provision of the GTC shall be entitled to the customer for any use and utilization of any trade name or trademark on the webshop. In addition to the proper use of the webshop, in addition to the temporary reproduction and private copying for this purpose, these intellectual works can not be used or utilized in any other form without prior written permission of the provider.
  1. Enforcement opportunities
    1. Complaint handling

The customer may submit consumer objections to the product or the service of the service provider in the following contact details:

Customer service

Mailing address:

1063 Budapest, Andrássy Ut. 122. ¼

E-mail address:

The customer's consumer objective of the product or its activity is present in accordance with 12.1. in writing.

The complaint must include the cause of the complaint and the information required to identify the order.

The Service Provider shall examine the written complaint within 30, ie thirty days after receiving it, and shall also take a substantive effect on how the answer to the client. If the complaint is rejected by the Service Provider, it is obliged to justify its position in its substantive reply to rejection.

The Protocol on the Complaint and the copy of the reply shall be required by the Service Provider for 5, ie for five years.

The Service Provider's objections tabled by the Customer in accordance with this GTC 12.1. .

The Service Provider gives the complaint about the incorrect product to return the defective product to the service expense by courier service, contact the provider with the provider to contact the present GTC 12.1. in its electronic mailing address.

Please note that the service provider is not responsible:

  • for damages resulting from natural wear and tear,
  • for damages resulting from incorrect / negligent use,
  • for damages caused by abnormal consumption or abuse,
  • any damages caused by any damage to the product description.
    1. Other enforcement options

If it is not settled in negotiations with the provider and the customer's dispute provider, the following enforcement options are open to the client:

  • Entry into buyers' book.The Book of Customers is available in all business of the provider. The entries written here will be answered in writing within 30, ie thirty days.
  • Complaints at Consumer Protection Authorities.If you notice a breach of customer's consumer rights, you will be entitled to a complaint to the consumer protection authority competent for your place of residence. Following the judgment of the complaint, the Authority shall decide on the conduct of the consumer protection procedure. List of competent government agencies ahttps://www.kormanyhivatal.hupage is available.
  • A conciliatory body.The quality, safety and the use of product liability rules and the conclusion of a consumer dispute relating to the conclusion and fulfillment of the contract may initiate the client procedure for a conciliation body competent for his residence or residence and may contact the professional chamber of professional chamber of the service provider to a working conciliation body. For the purposes of the Civil Organization, Church, condominium, housing co-operative, micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises, a consumer shall be considered to be a consumer who is taking, ordering, receiving, using, using or commodity commercial communication, offer recipient.

Budapest Conciliation Board

contact details: ​

Title:1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. III. em. 310.
Mailing address:1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.
E-mail address:
Central phone number: +36 1 488 2131
Fax:+36 1 488 2186

In the event of a cross-border consumer dispute associated with an online sales contract, consumers can electronically organize their cross-border disputes related to online shopping by an electronic complaint that is available through the online platform available on the link:

To do this, you do not have to do anything since the consumer is registered on an online platform available on the link above, filling out an application completely and then electronically submits to the Conciliation Body through the platform. Thus, consumers and distances simply can easily enforce their rights.

In Hungary, the Budapest Conciliation Body (BBT) is entitled to act in disputes between cross-border consumers and traders linked to online sales or service contracts.

  • Judicial proceeding.Customer is entitled to enforce the claim from the consumer dispute before the Civil Procedure for the Civil Procedure, and the CXXX of 2016 on Civil Procedure. according to the provisions of the law.
  1. Other provisions
    1. The Webshop Shopify SaaS Platform, Ruby on Rails Programming Language Functional Information System, and its security degree is not a risk, but we recommend that you do the following precautions: Use Virus and Spyware Protection software with a fresh database, install the operating system security updates . Buying on the webshop presupposes the recognition of the technical and technical constraints of the Internet and the acceptance of error opportunities associated with technology.
    1. The Service Provider at any time is entitled to amend the terms and conditions of this GTC unilaterally. The Service Provider informs customers about the changes in the webshop. Following the amendment, the use of the webshop is subject to the fact that the customer expressly accepts them through the webshop and in the manner provided there.


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